Experiential Psychopathology - Dr John Howells

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III - Family Psychology & Family Psychiatry - Psychotherapy

Features of Benexperiential Psychotherapy

It may be useful to tabulate some of the main features:

  1. Benexperiential psychotherapy utilises an experience which is favourable to the individual or family psyche.
  2. It is based upon experiential psychopathology.
  3. The “idea of self” is the essential target of therapy.
  4. The diagnostic procedure is separated from the therapeutic process.
  5. Interpretation is not employed. The experience is all. Thus there is no dogma.
  6. The process of re-experience is central to therapy either within or without the interview.
  7. Confrontation is not employed; security is encouraged.
  8. Decisions are made.
  9. It is complementary to vector therapy.
  10. Being experiential, it opens therapy to the scrutiny of research procedures.
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