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Dr John Howells – Experiential Psychopathologist

Dr John Howells

Dr John Howells

John Howells founded Family Psychiatry.
He believed the experience of adverse emotional events in and out of the family caused psychopathology. Experience is all – hence experiential psychopathology. Assessment of these events comes before treatment; thus the emphasis on family diagnosis. Therapy follows – individual, dyadic, and family group therapies.

Howells came to see that an individual and family live in a field of emotional forces; those vectors can be assessed and manipulated to the advantage of individual and family – vector therapy.

As important as direct assessment and treatment is prevention. He developed views on health promotion towards creating a salutiferous community.

Topics include family psychology, family psychiatry, experiential psychopathology, family diagnosis, family group therapy, vector therapy, a salutiferous community, and a list of publications by John Howells.

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